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First Methodist in Mansfield, Texas, created the GOD IS BIG ENOUGH campaign 6 years ago.  Before we even started planning for Brentwood Family Fellowship, in December, 2011, God had us cross paths with the silicone bracelets.imag0325 It resonated with Buddy & I.  It was another affirmation that we were on the path He had called us to.  But the path He called us to was not the path we thought!  Within 3 months, we knew God had called us to start a new church in San Angelo. (see A Campaign for Christ, March 20, 2012.)

By the end of this month, we will have more bracelets!  Enjoy the video.  Buddy posted it five years ago today. It is still true!

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The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is the building to the west of our main church building. We have been calling it that for a long time, but not a lot of people knew it. Sometime next week we will install our new sign!The Lighthouse

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Join us at Brentwood Family Fellowship for a LIVE BROADCAST of the debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye Tue Feb. 4 at 6pm


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